Video shoot - dim

Hi, we are making a music video for my daughter annabella, This is a very fun and exciting project being done professionally and with care and taste. We will be filiming a song that takes a young girl from being a school girl with an amazing voice to being a famous singer touring and struggling with the challanges of making the transition from one to the other 

The video will be shot at the Capital Theater in downtown Macon. The video will show entrances on and off the tour bus, setting up the band and live shots of the crowd and the band playing on stage at the theater.

Any questions concerning the shoot can be made by call or text to 443-554-1407 or by sending a message through our contact form. By filling out this form you authorize yourself or your child to be filmed in the video as a band member, an audiance member or a member of the crew.

I or my child is participating in the filming as indicated on the above music video ("Dim from the album Yellow”). In consideration of my appearance in the Picture, and without any further consideration from you, I hereby grant permission to you to utilize my appearance in connection with the Video in any and all manner and media and all rights of every kind and character whatsoever in perpetuity in and to my performance, appearance and the results and proceeds thereof (the “Performance”) in connection with the Video, and I hereby authorize the Production Company to photograph and record (on film, digital, video, tape, or otherwise), the Performance; to edit same and to include it with the performance of others and with sound effects, special effects and music; to incorporate same into the Video or other program or not; to use and to license others to use such re-cordings and photographs,including without limitation unrestricted use for purposes of publicity, advertising and sales promotion; and to use my, likeness, concerning me in connection with the Video, commercial tie-ups, merchandising, and for any other legal purpose. I further acknowledge that Production Company owns all rights to the results and proceeds of my services rendered in connection herewith. 

I agree that my participation in the Video may be edited in your sole discretion. I consent to use of my, likeness  in connection with Video publicity and related institutional promotional purposes. I expressly release you, your agents, employees, licensees and assigns from and against any and all claims which I have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action arising out of production, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of the Picture.