1. Perfume

From the recording Yellow

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annabella - Singer / Songwriter/ Guitar / Keyboards
Arlin Carter Bleclic - Producer / Percussion / Drums / Engineer
Toní Mateos - Drums
Marc Quintillá - Guitar
Jordi Vericat - Bass
Jason Boshoff - Producer / Keyboards
Evan Melville - Engineer

Written at Otis Redding Camp Macon GA and Recorded at ACR Studios in Macon GA, Patchwerk Studios Atlanta GA, Jason Boshoff Studios Barcelona Spain


You are so appealing to my senses
I don't need no incense
To make this more intense

You keep me warm than my memories
When you aren't right next to me
It's like you're still here to see

So put your arms around me
Until your scent surrounds me
And your smell is well with in mine

I want you close enough to me
to leave me searching for the
Reason You fell with well with me

So hold my hand
Until we stand the heat
If this goes to plan
Please understand what I mean

I've become numb to all these tactics
I've grown to not attack this
Sense to hijack bliss

Because you steer me in the right direction
You're my one exception
To previous deception

So let me steal your clothes
And lighten your laundry load
Give me a sweatshirt which would hurt to be sold

I need your perfume in my room
Before I lose you too
Let me hold so I could mold you on the moon

So hold my space
As we race in our minds
I know it's not my place
But You know you can replace all your things

So hold my hand
Until we stand the heat