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annabella's voice was finally chosen as the winner. Congratulations!  I love her voice. It's kind of wooden, silky and mezzo voice. She definitely has a nice vibe.

Thank you Mini F.

Here is a copy of thin final…

Review of Yellow by Rebecca Cullen 

Annabella’s return this season brings a full length album  of beautifully expressive, entrancing songs that further the experience in a wonderful way called Yellow. 

Picky is an early highlight from the project, the singer’s voice meanders in a captivating…



“Picky” is the first single released from Annabella an up and coming US-based singer, songwriter and performance artist’s up-coming album “Yellow”. Whilst her musical maturity may seem beyond her years, she’s had plenty of time to perfect her ethereally light…


Amazing--Best part of our event! 

Amazing--Best part of our event! 

We loved having Annabella perform at our event. It was absolutely incredible to hear her talent and her story. She is an astounding young woman and any event would be lucky to have her. 

Review of the song TRUST by annabella

Having been blown away by Annabella’s previous release 11/10, the prospect of new music was immediately appealing. Once again, the singer and songwriter offers audiences impeccable story telling, loaded with warmth and accessible realness, but also presented in a way…

Review of 11/10 by annabella

Annabella’s release 11/10 is a wonderful song in so many ways. Musically it presents a gorgeous fusion of delicate folk and colourful pop, yet lyrically there is something incredibly honest and endearing at hand that draws you into its truth…