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“annabella’s” new single 11/10 gets on Spotify playlist with 77,000 followers    


“annabella’s” New single 11 out of 10 gets on a popular Spotify playlist with over 77 thousand followers.  11 out of 10 got top billing  on the playlist surpassing Selina Gomez’s  Wolves and Sam Smith’s To Good At Goodbyes.  

We are super excited about her new single and can’t wait for the release of additional music by “annabella” in December 2017.

An Amazing Review of “annabella’s” 11/10 by Stereo Stickman 

See Original Review Here 

Annabella’s release 11/10 is a wonderful song in so many ways. Musically it presents a gorgeous fusion of delicate folk and colourful pop, yet lyrically there is something incredibly honest and endearing at hand that draws you into its truth in a compelling way. 

The sound is blissful from the offset, calming and minimalist in nature – the simple finger-picking of an acoustic guitar, a beautifully raw and almost whispered leading vocal; flawlessly carrying this captivating and memorable melody along in a natural and seemingly effortless way. The songwriting is phenomenal, unusual and interesting yet taking on the most effective mannerisms of crafting an addictively enjoyable piece of music. I was reminded of the first few releases from Laura Marling when it was simply the artist and an acoustic guitar. There’s something fresh about these words and this perspective, the emotional connection described, a reminder of loyalty and the things that matter. It’s inspiring to listen, and because the music surrounding and supporting the sentiment is so subtle and gentle in nature, you’re even more inclined to really focus on the story-line, the ideas, the poetry, the encouraging sentiment. 

Poetry is an important word, the first of many that come to mind when listening – the opening line offers up imagery that sets the bar high for what will follow, and nothing thereafter disappoints. The concept itself is simple, clever, original yet instantly effective in that it makes perfect sense – more and more so the further into the song you get. There’s a certain meeting of the dark and the light within the lyrics, and this is reflected gorgeously by the melody and by Annabella’s unique delivery of the song. After hearing only this one release, the sound is likely to stay with you, as is the superb style and skill inherent within the songwriting; making the prospect of future releases an unmissable one. 

Stream the song on Spotify. Find & follow Annabella on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit her Website or the ACR label’s Website for more information. 

Rebecca Cullen 
Musician & writer with an MA in Songwriting. 


New Music by "annabella" 

Please be sure to listen my new single 11/10 on Spotify or below on my website and please add me to your playlist on your favorite music platform. 

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